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Iron-Range Schools:

Eveleth / Gilbert
Greenway / Coleraine
Mesabi East
Mountain Iron
Nashwauk / Keewatin
Tower / Soudan
Alumni Listing For Mountain Iron
[1934] Lostrom, W. Daniel "Dan" Email
[1940] Shouse, Henry F. Email
[1945] Ricky Bryant, Madeline Joyce Phyllis Marks "Nikki Williamson" (Sallie Wright) Email - Homepage
[1948] Skorseth, Luann Lucille (Raasch) Email
[1948] williams, rod and emily "Rip" Email
[1951] Hill, Marion L (Terrio) Email
[1952] Molesky, Joan (Olsen) Email
[1954] Carlson, Charles Email
[1955] Phaneuf, Ruth (Josephson) Email
[1955] Meglen, William J. "Bill" Email
[1955] Hendrickson, Nancy M. (Carlson) Email
[1955] Bianchi, Charles dewey "Chuck" Email
[1957] Larcher, Edna Mae "Eddie" (Blomquist) Email
[1958] MAKI, MEL JOHN "MEL" (MAKI) Email
[1958] Maki, Melroy John "Mel" (Maki) Email
[1958] McDermid, Elaine "Suiky" (Suihkonen) Email
[1958] Limmer, James P. Email
[1958] Dolentz, Betty "Bets" (Koski) Email
[1958] Dall, Ronald Leroy "Ron" Email
[1958] Koski, Marvin "Crash" Email
[1960] Schley, Dave Email
[1960] Ramponi, Roland Lewis Email
[1960] Peterson, Russell A. Email
[1960] Matyska, Margaret (Otava) Email
[1960] Jankovich, Dave Nick "Janko" Email
[1960] Helgeson, Jerry Email
[1960] Tollefson, Carole Jean (Hoglund) Email
[1960] Cerkvenik, Dennis Email
[1960] Belpedio, James R. Email
[1960] Dall, James R. Email
[1960] Gunderson, Diane Maria (Bianchi) Email
[1960] Franich, Robert Bob "coona Bob" (Jankovich) Email
[1961] Sather, Anton M "Tony" Email
[1961] Vidmar, Robert James Email
[1961] Thompson, Duane N. "Twitch" Email
[1961] Larson, Al Email
[1961] Koski, Roger Email
[1961] Egan, Doug Email
[1961] Hellyer, Harvey "Harv" Email
[1962] Hermanson, Judy C "suomi" (Moilan) Email
[1962] Cimperman, Sandra Joyce "Sandi" (Bachman) Email
[1962] Sturdy, Rand Email
[1962] Cimperman, Dwight Douglas "Deed or Deeder" Email
[1962] Pohto, Carol Jean (Lehtinen) Email
[1962] Aslakson, Mary Jean (Krall) Email
[1963] Styles, Janet Orell "Jan" (Forsland) Email
[1963] Richard, Gene Allen Email
[1963] Lundquist, Diana G. (0`connell) Email
[1963] Kotchman, Jean (Kauppila) Email
[1963] Edstrom, Deloyes Susan "Dee" (Terrio) Email
[1964] O'Leary, Janice Clair (Marttila) Email
[1964] Ulicsni, Claudell "Chloe'" (Ulicsni) Email
[1964] Sainio, John Alan Email
[1964] Shahian, Susan (Secola) Email
[1964] Ebnet, Susan (Richard) Email
[1965] Rettker, Carol A. (Novak) Email
[1965] Pecarina, John Martin Email
[1965] Marshall, Wayne Email
[1965] Nevala, Bruce "Nev" Email
[1966] Otava, John Email
[1966] Chipman, Shirley M. (Petersen) Email
[1966] Belpedio, Thomas R. "per" Email
[1966] Patterson, Charles William "Billrack" Email
[1967] Suihkonen, Gerald "'Yecki'" Email
[1967] richard, michael william "mike" Email
[1967] Viitala, Butch Email
[1967] Gibson, Donald Joe "Hoot" Email
[1967] Maki, David M "mag" Email
[1967] Meyer, Julie (Lundquist) Email
[1967] Pettinari, Michael A "Pickles" Email
[1967] Raney, Debbie K. (Oates) Email
[1968] Anderson, Kurt M. Email
[1968] Gobats, Thomas "Tom" Email - Homepage
[1968] Wright, Bonnie Rose (Pearson) Email
[1968] Johnson, Ronald A. Email - Homepage
[1968] Stolpe, Rob Email
[1969] Kujala, Caroline (Barone) Email
[1969] Korich, Shawnee Marie (Ellegard) Email - Homepage
[1969] Hanson, Ronald H "Obe" Email
[1969] Larson, Claire J. (Behrend) Email
[1969] Shiel, Mary M. Email
[1969] Krause, Susan Email
[1969] Egan, Christopher "Kit" Email
[1969] Bergquist, Daniel A. Email
[1969] Williams, Larry S. Email
[1969] Buria, John Email
[1969] Pershern, Lezlie (Autio) Email
[1970] Koehler, Debra Lynn "Lim" (Limmer) Email
[1970] Ostman, Richard Email
[1970] Rinerson, Leslie Email
[1970] Rinerson, Becky A. (Lehman) Email
[1971] Gunnarson, John "Jack" Email
[1971] Love, Mary (Egan) Email
[1972] Gunnarson, Jaclin "Jackie" (Marshall) Email
[1972] Bonovich, Julie A (Ellegard) Email
[1972] Johnson, Charlie Email
[1972] Lavalier, Mark Paul Email
[1972] Pecarina, Rob Email
[1972] Stanley, Kathy L. (Behrend) Email
[1972] kaivola, debi (kolterman) Email
[1972] Dahl, Gordy Email
[1973] Behrend, Carl A. "Cobb" Email - Homepage
[1973] Belpedio, John "PER" Email
[1973] Johnston, Gail A. (Stanaway) Email
[1973] Sutich, Steve Email
[1974] Prebeg, Charmaine Mardy (Secola) Email
[1974] Foster, Kathryn L. (Schaefbauer) Email
[1974] Iverson, Debbie Lynn "Debber" (Pagliaccetti) Email
[1974] Richart, Dan Email
[1974] Johnson, Lori (Williams) Email
[1974] Morgan, Debra "Deb" (Staudahar) Email
[1974] Chapdelaine, Beth Anne "Ols" (Olsen) Email
[1974] Anderson, Cheryl (Johnson) Email
[1974] Michals, Pamela (Dodge) Email
[1974] Anderson, Gerry Email
[1974] Anderson, Jeff Email
[1974] Anderson, Judy Marie (Anderson) Email
[1974] Iverson, Deb P. "Debber" (Pagliaccetti) Email
[1974] Monroe, Jill (Marshall) Email
[1974] Joelson, Carol Fay (Ellegard) Email
[1974] Pogorelec, Linda Lou (Bukvich) Email
[1974] Phaneuf-hill, Julie K. (Phaneuf) Email
[1974] Pogorelec, Linda Lou (Bukvich) Email
[1974] Prebeg, Daniel Lee Email
[1974] Weiss, June Therese (Skaudis) Email
[1974] Meglen, John Email
[1974] Michals, Pam (Dodge) Email
[1975] Sydow, Juliene (Kristian) Email
[1975] Chad, Bob Email
[1975] Fredrickson, Dick Email
[1975] Akerman, Faye Marie (Sainio) Email
[1975] Christianson, Randy J. Email
[1975] Taylor, Sharon R. (Dall) Email - Homepage
[1975] Hunsinger, Sheri (Tuomala) Email
[1975] Vaughn, Juliene M (Kristian) Email
[1976] Carlson, Mary Ann (Colangelo) Email
[1976] Klabunde, Bryan "Bunde" Email - Homepage
[1976] Sprague, Jim Email
[1977] Buria, Jeffrey Email
[1977] Kauppila, Steve Email
[1977] Lerol, Wanda (Hilde) Email
[1978] Olsen, Craig Email
[1978] Ostman, Arthur Email
[1978] Sullivan, Margaret A. (Norha) Email
[1979] Hilde, Scott Omar "Omar" Email
[1979] Skaudis, Mary Beth "May" Email
[1979] Halvorson, Beth L. "Beth" (Noyes) Email
[1979] Patterson, Renee (Makynen) Email
[1979] Rettker, Barb J. (Ulicsni) Email
[1979] Olson, Lynn (Novak) Email
[1980] Phaneuf, Jodie M. Email
[1980] Egan, Jay Email
[1980] Erchul, Dawn Email
[1981] Zarn, Sheri (Giorgi) Email
[1981] Medina, Beth (Koivisto) Email
[1981] Mariucci, Clay Email
[1981] Ruud, Mike Email
[1981] Sinjem, Mary Katherine (Corcoran) Email
[1981] Jamnick, Cindy (Forseen) Email
[1981] Zarn, Brian Email
[1981] Buria-Falkowski, Deborah A (Buria) Email
[1981] Alston, Francine (Kristian) Email
[1982] Grote, Dawn M. (Scott) Email
[1982] Franzen, Natalie (Kivi) Email
[1982] Norum, Jim Email
[1982] Norum, Jim Email
[1982] Unrein, Jackie Kay (Anderson) Email
[1982] Carlson, Tammy Email
[1982] Enger, Becky (Norha) Email
[1982] Downs, Kelly Email
[1982] Gobats, Shelley Kay (Lustila) Email
[1982] Johnson, Craig Robert "Puto" Email
[1983] Masters, Judean (Savela) Email
[1983] Kostohryz, Jolene "Josie" (Ruud) Email
[1983] Borgman, Brian P. Email
[1983] Reiser, Lisa Marie (Bennett) Email
[1983] Scott, Kris ((Kilen)) Email
[1984] KILEN, KIP Email
[1984] Brunfelt, Russell "Rusty" Email
[1984] Kesanen, Melissa "Missy" (Meckola) Email
[1984] Guyer, Sharyl Ann (Dall) Email
[1984] Kolstad, Joy (Phaneuf) Email
[1984] Lehman, Jeff "Bucky" Email
[1984] Rowe, Annette (Hultgren) Email
[1984] Skar, Roxanne (Carlson) Email
[1984] Sorlie, Elizabeth A (Luomanen) Email
[1985] McDermid, Heidi Jo Email
[1986] Zollar, James A. "Fuzzy" Email
[1986] Thomas, Shelley (Renzaglia) Email
[1986] Mattila, Jodie A. Email
[1987] Cusick, Rebecca M. "Becky" (Kishel) Email
[1987] Powers, Tina Marie (LaLonde) Email
[1987] Fossum, Julie Erika (Kasola) Email
[1988] Weaver, Kristin (Pernu) Email
[1988] Lehman, Jay "bucky" Email
[1988] Schechinger, Larry F. "Shek" Email
[1988] Primeau, Janna (Kasola) Email
[1989] Drieman, Henry R. "Hen" Email
[1989] Phaneuf, Mark J. Email
[1990] Van De Voort Ehrich, Dena Email
[1990] Erickson, Katie Lynn Email
[1990] Bratulich, Steve Email
[1990] Ramondo, Ken Email
[1990] White, Jesse Email
[1990] White, Jesse Email - Homepage
[1990] Saccoman-Christians, Susan Marie "Sue BUHL" (Saccoman) Email - Homepage
[1990] Ramondo, Ken Email
[1990] Mariucci, Annie Email
[1990] Kalnbach, Michael Email
[1990] Salmela, Chad Eric Email - Homepage
[1990] Erickson, Carrie Lynn "Care" Email
[1990] Erchul, Rory Email
[1990] Bovitz, Laurie (Blake) Email
[1990] Jack, Michele "Chele" (Bontems) Email
[1991] Drieman, Kurt "Thumper" Email
[1991] Drieman, Greg Email
[1991] Gulbranson, Shawn Email
[1991] Halik, Carrie Jo (Buffetta) Email
[1992] Ersbo, Karena (Kasola) Email
[1992] Leo, David Email
[1992] Bainter, Darin Email
[1992] Snider, Gerald Robert "Jerry" Email
[1993] Kujala, Christine Ellen "Chrissy" Email
[1993] Carlson, Elizabeth Rae "Beth" Email
[1993] Shafer, Brenda M. Email
[1993] Alto, Chris V. (Blake) Email
[1994] Mcgregor, Sheila Rae Email
[1994] Kalnbach, Sheila Email
[1995] Kallio, Keith Email
[1997] Erickson, Anni Lee (Grahek) Email
[1997] Bainter, Bonny Email
[1998] Luomanen, Mary Email
[1998] Wellman, Melissa Email
[1998] Vorhies, Raychel (Danaher) Email
[1999] Norman, Amanda Email
[1999] Kempton, Kristin I. "Krissy" Email
[1999] Mallaro, Breann "Breeze" Email
[2001] Johnston, Paul D. Email
[2009] Lisa, Johnson "Tiggz,Tigger,Freak" Email
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