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Alumni Listing For Aurora
[1943] Cherro, Agnes Leone Email
[1945] Stimac, Jean (Pansino) Email
[1947] Lehtinen, Betty Lorraine (Anderson) Email
[1951] Beckman, Marilyn Jean "Micki" (Mchale) Email
[1953] Oja, Gerald Arthur "Isaac" Email
[1953] Rosandich, Roger "Rookie" Email
[1955] Mares, Jane M. "Janie" (Johnson) Email
[1955] Fortuna, Ellen (Korpela) Email
[1955] Cormier, Alice M "Allie" (Oja) Email
[1956] Wykstra, Hellen Fae (Holmen) Email
[1956] Terry, Arlyne C. "Jenks" (Jenkins) Email
[1956] Syverson, Marschelle "Marsh" Email - Homepage
[1956] Loewen, John Paul Email
[1956] Engst, Stephen W "Steverino" Email
[1956] Anderson, Darlene Mae "Dee" (White) Email
[1956] Holton-engst, Patricia Ann "Pat" (Holton) Email
[1957] Johnson, Jim "Urby" Email
[1957] Molick, Jim Email
[1958] Maki, Eugene Raymond Email
[1958] Vodovnik, Barbara "Barbie" (Berdice) Email
[1958] Sanford, Dale Email
[1958] Ostrander, Judy (Deyak) Email
[1958] Molick, Mary Kay "Migs" (Miglierini) Email
[1959] White, Bruce E. "Sulo" Email
[1959] Mugge, Lynn Henry Email
[1959] Davidson, Sally A (McHale) Email
[1960] Franich, Robert X. "coona Bob" Email
[1960] Mugge, Dorothy Alice (Johnson) Email
[1960] Bartholomew, Robert Lloyd "Bart" Email
[1962] Opland, Carolyn Jean (Latola) Email
[1962] Korpela, Henry Email
[1962] Cimperman, Dwight Douglas "Deed or Deeder" Email
[1962] Haugen, Charleen Ann (Ross) Email
[1962] Korpela, Henry R. Email
[1963] Johnson, Ralph Edward Email
[1963] Molick, Dennis J Email
[1964] Lepisto, Rexanne Mae (Hall) Email
[1964] Miles, Suzanne "Suzi" (Kanninen) Email
[1965] Stephens, Bill Email
[1965] Rudolph, Duane "Dewey" Email
[1965] Paavola, Gary Kenneth Email
[1965] Jackson, Judith J "Judy" (McDonald) Email
[1965] Mulari, Mary E. (Koski) Email - Homepage
[1965] Jones, Bonnie Jean (Ceglar) Email
[1965] Boese, Carole (Williams) Email
[1965] Leffel, Elsie M. (Corron) Email
[1966] Servaty, Mike Email
[1966] Widseth, Gerald Email
[1967] nhaquxvk, avgfvkln xlqlfwhq "adlnttda" (fmnqaalv) Email
[1967] Shain, Dennis Email - Homepage
[1967] jyfmgtov, pdpvniby rlseenfm "rmjjlkkd" (yhovllkn) Email
[1968] Rogge, Kent Charles "Casey" Email
[1968] Ferris, Tom and Carol (Hodnik) Email
[1968] Padilla, Doris Susan (Matanich) Email
[1968] Nadeau, Kathy M. "Kitty" (Jenkins) Email
[1968] Johnson, James H " Jj" Email
[1968] Ferris, Tom & Carol (Hodnik) Email
[1968] Ferris, S. Tom Email
[1968] Rogge, Patricia Joanne "Patti" (Mchale) Email
[1969] Berts, Pamela Jean (Ronning) Email - Homepage
[1969] Barber, Allison Email
[1969] Faith, Fred R Email
[1969] Forry, Loren Email
[1969] Roswold, Carol Marie (Balder) Email
[1969] Forry, Denise (Milbridge) Email
[1969] Gregoire, Mary Kathryn (Murphy) Email
[1969] Lesar, Barry Email
[1969] Barber, Allison J. (Barber) Email
[1969] Myklebust, Linda M. (Moscatelli) Email
[1970] Axelsen, Patricia Email
[1970] Dombrowski, John Email
[1970] Hill, Jack Email
[1970] Rukavina, Lenore "Lenni" (Lampi) Email
[1971] Sacchetti, Colleen (Mausolf) Email
[1971] Ruotsalainen, Henry L. Email
[1971] Cochran, Kris (Anderson) Email
[1971] Gunderson, Gene W. Email
[1971] Ruotsalainen, Henry Email
[1971] Leas, Tim D. Email
[1972] Christianson, Jim " Hinder" Email
[1973] Oseland, Donald T. "Ozzy" Email - Homepage
[1973] Bovee, Dave Email
[1973] Guttormson, Don "Don G." Email - Homepage
[1973] Krueger, Amber (Schumacher) Email
[1973] carson, lisa (porthan) Email
[1973] Lawyer, Marcia Marie (Kleimo) Email
[1974] Oseland, Brenda L. (Johnson) Email
[1974] Gilligan, Jerolyn K. (Boben) Email
[1974] Hampton, Debbie (Johmson) Email
[1974] Ruotsalainen, Lynn (Langfeld) Email
[1974] Otto, Michelle "Mickey" (Habermann) Email
[1974] Menart, Connie Marie (Turk) Email
[1974] Ruotsalainen, Lynn A. (Langfeld) Email
[1974] Ventrella, David Email
[1974] Wester, Jim Email
[1975] Schumacher, Lee C Email
[1975] Sabin, Jeff Email
[1975] Noponen, Lucinda "Cindy" Email
[1975] Randall, Don Lee "Bronson" Email
[1975] Maturi, Patty J. (Sullivan) Email
[1975] Huusko, Gary L. "Huusk" Email
[1975] Ellis, Bruce Email
[1976] Gunderson, Chris Howard Email
[1976] Lamppa, Pamela A. (Lamppa) Email - Homepage
[1976] Sabin, Lolly (Roseen) Email
[1976] Ventrella, Mark "Tex" Email
[1976] Carlson, Kathy A. (Kreidler) Email
[1977] Ceglar, Shelly (Bakka) Email
[1977] Ceglar, Shelly (Bakka) Email
[1977] Stoch, Gregory George Email
[1977] Turk, Karl Email
[1977] Vreeland, Judy Lynn "Fondz" (Fondie) Email
[1977] Osmundson, Lauri Ann "Oz" (Osmundson) Email
[1977] Logan, Jerome Leroy Email
[1977] Erickson, Cindy S (Mayer) Email
[1977] Deferrari, Leslie (Monson) Email
[1977] Ortler, Curt Email
[1977] Snyder, Janice K. (Carlson) Email
[1977] Ortler, Curt Email
[1978] Ekman, Steve Email
[1978] Popovich, Carrie (Oman) Email
[1978] Feldt, Larry Email - Homepage
[1978] Dobak, Rhonda L (Warren) Email
[1978] Michalski, Colleen L "Leenie" (Warren) Email
[1978] Lund, Kevin D. Email
[1978] Kleimo, Eugene Ernest Email
[1978] Huebner, Cherrie Kaye (Wilson) Email
[1979] Norma Joseph, Blaine Hensley Russell Dalton "Penelope Robles" (Lela Marsh) Email - Homepage
[1979] Outz, Cheryl Email
[1979] Kreidler, Kent Email
[1979] Koski, Dawn (Marvel) Email
[1979] Kopp, Mike Email
[1979] Bergman, Lori "Lori" (Kauchick) Email
[1979] Benavides, Plinio Email
[1980] Buatala, Ken Email
[1980] Johnson, Brad D. (Johnson) Email
[1980] Maloney, June Elaine Email
[1980] Voss, Wendy Jean (Kauchick) Email
[1980] Haw, Martha A "Moss" (Beauregard) Email
[1980] Westrup, Paulette (Jenny) Email
[1980] Gross, Holly (Lampella) Email - Homepage
[1981] Dewars, Sue (Outz) Email
[1981] Blackwood, Audrey Kay (Swan) Email
[1981] Maki, Bruce Email
[1981] Blackwood, Clark E. "chip" Email
[1981] Voelker, Paul Email
[1981] Erickson, Cathy (Casey) Email - Homepage
[1981] Ferris, Glenn Adam Email
[1981] Ventrella, Paul "Trilly" Email
[1981] Larsson, Anders G. "Swede" Email
[1981] Buatala, John Email
[1981] Patterson, Jeff "Gomez" Email
[1981] Shepherd, Deborah Sue "Row" (Rowbottom) Email
[1981] Frank, Teresa (Falbo) Email
[1981] Henningsen, Robin "Bird" (Christensen) Email
[1982] Voelker, Lisa Email
[1982] Hippolt, Louie Email
[1982] Bluhm, Anthony Email
[1982] Skala, Colleen (Becicka) Email
[1982] Ruotsalainen, Debbi E. "Mugs" (Mugge) Email
[1982] Miller, Scott "Mills" Email
[1982] Patterson, Linda (Leffel) Email
[1982] Parendo, Betty M. (Burich) Email
[1982] Kindstrand, Chuck Email
[1982] Hadrava, Ann K (Braaten) Email
[1982] Enger, Robert Email
[1982] Kopp, Dan C. Email
[1982] Ruotsalainen, Mark A. "Ruots" Email
[1983] Wood, Kim (Nedesky) Email
[1983] Ertl, Susan K. (Pospeck) Email
[1983] Hughes, Dean Email
[1983] Koroshec, Jodie Email
[1983] Koponen, Judith Frances (Kutsi) Email
[1983] Lekatz, Renee A. (Armstrong) Email
[1983] Severson, Lowell J. Email
[1983] Yapel, Mark Email
[1984] Lundquist, Karen L. Email
[1984] Holcomb, Gina (Johnson) Email
[1984] Brown, Brian Email
[1984] Peterson, Jennifer Jo (Mcbride) Email
[1984] White, Jason "Whitey" Email
[1984] Niemi, Theresa (Mugge) Email
[1984] Mugge, Dan Email - Homepage
[1984] Lehtinen, Kevin Email
[1984] Lehtinen, Kevin J. Email
[1984] Lekatz, Greg J. "Lex" Email
[1984] Raisanen, Tina (Ceglar) Email
[1984] Hockin, Dave "Hock" Email
[1984] Gibson, Gary Gibby 2 "Gibby 2" Email
[1984] Brierley, Wendy Email
[1984] Bluhm, June (Armstrong) Email
[1984] Brown, Brian Email
[1985] Mattson, Roger W. Email
[1985] Petrick, Gina (Cerra) Email
[1985] 1985, A-HL Class of Email - Homepage
[1985] Harju, Michelle (Anderson) Email
[1985] Johnson, Luann Marie "Lu" (Kussatz) Email
[1986] Johnson, Tom Email
[1986] Class of 1986, AHL Email - Homepage
[1986] Croteau, Crystal (Enger) Email
[1986] Cabre, Carles Email
[1986] Yapel, Marie (Ford) Email - Homepage
[1986] Scholar, JoElle Email - Homepage
[1986] Olson-Kallio, Michele (Olson) Email
[1986] Kempker, Becky J. (Outz) Email
[1986] Kempker, Becky (Outz) Email
[1986] Blake, Joelle (Scholar) Email
[1987] Boese, Chris Email
[1987] Riedberger, Kim A. (Nordahl) Email
[1987] Steuerwald, Karen (Lund) Email
[1987] Fallon, Kimberly Email
[1987] Prinkkila-Rogers, Mary Anne Email
[1988] Berg, Laura Email
[1988] Anderson, Michael Email
[1988] Himanen, Markku Email
[1988] Gschlecht, Tina (Goerdt) Email - Homepage
[1988] Helmer, Clayton "Claytone" Email
[1988] Goerdt, Tina Email
[1988] Fossell, Bruce G. Email
[1988] Dale, Duane "Dewey" Email
[1988] Berquist, Jennifer (Welch) Email
[1989] Orso, Brian Email
[1989] Faith, Fred R Email
[1990] Sampson, Stacy Marie (Maki) Email - Homepage
[1990] Headrick, Rachel Marie (Smith) Email
[1990] Kdlfjalksdj, Alksdjf Email
[1991] Bartlett, Jack H "Bart" Email
[1991] Scheunert, Jina Maria (Janke) Email
[1991] Williams, CarieAnn (Denny) Email
[1991] Johnson, Kelly Marie Email
[1991] Johnson, Shawn Ray Email
[1991] Dale, Patti (Watson) Email
[1992] Bartlett, Amber M (Wright) Email
[1992] Dennie, Michelle "Dinger" (Mellesmoen) Email
[1992] Peters, Stacy Email
[1994] Carlson, Aaron "Skin" Email
[1994] Haskins-anderson, Courtney Lynn (Haskins) Email
[1996] Croteau, Celene Email
[1996] Ferris-Ponto, Allyson Ann "Seven" (Ferris) Email
[1996] Matteson, Shannon Email
[1998] Dietrich, Josh Email
[1999] Schultz, Terri Email
[2000] Ferris, Adam Thomas Email
[2001] Pospeck, Kaela Email
[2001] Thielen, Ryan "Buck" Email
[2003] Peterson, Jackie Marie Email
[2006] Maki, Justin Email - Homepage
[2006] Lehto, Stephanie "Spoonz" Email
[2006] Lehto, Stephanie Ann "Spoonz" (Lehto) Email
[2006] Kehoe, Zach T Email
[2006] Saari, Alex "Al" Email
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