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Saturday, April 10th 2004 11:00 AMEly Long Distance Charge:
This release is for Ely Rangenet customers only!
When you receive your next Frontier phone Bill, if you have not already, you will be very surprised, as we were, to see that the local phone number you have been dialing to access your Rangenet Dialup Internet service has all of a sudden been billed as a long distance phone call. We were shocked when we first heard this from a concerned customer and surprised to find out that Frontier did not know what the problem was. If you call Frontier's billing department, as we and others have, you will discover that they will only tell you that the local number you have been dialing is a long distance number. At this time, we do not recommend that you call Frontier's billing department because the people that most of us will reach do not know anything other than what is already on your bill, long distance charges.
Although Frontier has not identified anyone in particular who is in charge of resolving this issue and letting us, the customer, know when it is resolved, they have stated "they have a problem". They recognize "this sudden change of a local number to a long distance number" as a Frontier billing problem and they are working on it. Frontier has received so many phone calls, including a phone call or calls from the media, that their head of Public Relations, Karen Miller, has stated there will be a communication in the news papers about this situation. Frontier will not give a time frame on the resolution of the problem but, said today, Saturday, that it will take a few days.
Please note that Rangenet has not changed anything in the way that we do business. Our service is the same as before, the number you have been dialing, for the last year, is a local telephone number, you do not have to dial (1-218) to access a long distance line. Rangenet is in no way responsible for this billing error on the part of Frontier. We will continue, however, to keep you informed of the progress that Frontier is making to resolve this billing issue especially since Frontier has not given it's customers any way to know what is happening and we feel badly for the disruption that this billing problem has caused our customers.
We hope to be able to give you a phone number of a person at Frontier who will know what the problem is, or at least, know what Frontier will be doing about it in the very near future. As soon as we know, we will let you know.
John Gobats, CEO, Rangenet Internet Services Inc.


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